National Voter Registration Act of 1993

AKA: The Motor Voter Act

As described in Section 2, the Act has four purposes:

  • To increase the number of registered voters;
  • To enhance voter participation;
  • To protect election integrity; and
  • To ensure states maintain accurate voter rolls

When this vote was passed the Internet was not commercially accepted yet, that did not start until early 1995. From that year forward the land was dug up, literally, placing an Orange cable everywhere and anywhere, the era of eminent domain went berserk. Now 20 + 1 year later and the NVRA still remain static, it really never moved. I am about to change that…

Eight years after the NVRA act came 9/11 followed by more laws, one in particular, “The Patriot Act” which gave government what they wanted for decades, Big Brother. It would seem that these two laws have nothing in common and they do not, but each law in one way or another supports the other, in a strange way. The “Patriot Act” law now has information on EVERYONE!!! They know through database mining, each and every person from the cradle to the grave. After years of obtaining this information it somehow gets lost, it gets misplaced, it gets sold or it gets borrowed, BUT it definitely GETS around.

Second point: “Enhance Voter Participation” Problem Solved
Third point: “Protect Election Integrity”. Problem Solved
Last point: “Accurate Voter Count” Problem Solved